Sathyam Cinemas new reduced ticket prices announced. Check here

26 December 2018     Comments  

Sathyam Cinemas new reduced ticket prices announced. Check here

Recently we have reported that the Goods and Services (GST) tax rates for movie ticket prices have been reduced by the GST Council. With effect from January 1, 2019, movie ticket prices above Rs 100 will have a GST of 18% (reduced from 28%) and ticket prices below Rs 100 will have a tax of 12% (reduced from 18%).

Meanwhile, Sathyam Cinemas have officially confirmed the same and the revised ticket prices are now seen on their official ticket booking page. The new ticket prices in SPI will have three different rates for three different classes.
The Elite class will cost Rs 152.55 (earlier cost - Rs 165), while the Premium class will cost Rs 146 (earlier cost - Rs 158.5). The budget tickets will be sold at Rs 60. These rates are exclusive of the internet charges.

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